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Problems with Agriculture :

East Africa Food Crisis 2011

Into mid-2011, the world’s worst food crisis is being felt in East Africa, in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. In addition , high food prices have forced food out of the reach of many people

Positives & Negatives 


* Greater efficiency and technology allowed much more food to be grown.
* The cost of food went down.
* Fewer people were needed to grow more food.
* Many people now had time to do things other than secure sustenance.


* The Enclosure Movement kicked many traditional farmers off the community-owned land they had used, putting them out of work.
* With fewer people needed to grow more food, other farm workers were put out of work.
* The population of England rose relatively quickly.

Latest Projects

Types of Problems

  • Global Food Crisis
  • World Hunger and Poverty​
  • Causes of Hunger​
  • Food Dumping 

New Technologies 

New technologies were invented to make farming a lot more easier for farmers to get work done faster


Worldwide, agriculture accounts for 38 percent of land use, 66 percent of water withdrawals, and 85 percent of water consumption

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